We make no mistake when it comes to comfort and style...

and neither should you.

After spending their freshman year apart at their respective schools, Pat and Mike were reunited on Cape Cod for the summer of 2009. Pat worked as a tennis instructor, while Mike worked as a mate on a fishing boat.  Together, the two came up with the idea of Sandy Drawers. 
Both Pat and Mike love being outside, whether it is on the tennis court, in the water, or on the beach. Similarly, they enjoy looking good and feeling comfortable in fun, "feel-good" clothing.
We want you to share the same feelings as us. Therefore, we created Sandy Drawers to provide you with the same sensations! We want you to look your best wherever you may be. We hope you join us in this experience.

Pat Ginley


Pat was never labeled a "fashionista" often grabbing whatever was clean in his hamper, but he has always enjoyed the simple pleasures of life and making everyone around him smile. His goal with Sandy Drawers was to do just that. Keep friends, family, and everyone around him in comfortable clothes smiling and living everyday like it was the weekend!

Mike Garland

New York

Mike's best known for doing anything he can to be on the water fishing from dusk till dawn, sometimes only bathing in the salty blue ocean. Sandy Drawers to him is all about comfort and utility so he can hop from the boat and head to BBQ his fish yet still look and feel great!

John Nasca


John grew up in Buffalo so the concept of endless nights on the beach in the summer was foreign to him. Once he put on his first SD shirt he never looked back and is now one of the most passionate and innovative members of Sandy Drawers. From throwing concerts to creating buzz on social media he hopes to spread the brand world wide for all to enjoy!


Jimmy Mulroy


Jimmy has always been a magician when it comes to taking an idea the team comes up with and making it a reality through his hard work and graphic design greatness. He has breathed new life and spirit into ever piece of Sandy Drawers you see!