New Look…Same Great Style

It has been far too long since Sandy Drawers has surfaced. The Sandy Drawers team went through a transitional period where they hit the "real world" and were trapped in cubicles all day, feeling like sharks stuck in aquariums! Someone very wise once said "there are far too many great ideas buried in the cemetery". Well we are back and don't plan on going anywhere without sharing all of our new, fun, and exciting ideas with our loyal customers. Summer is officially 3 days away so it only fitting we kick it off by rolling out our theme for Summer 14' with these limited edition "Summer A Tuna Fun" Tee's. Get them while you can because they will sell out fast.

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Sandy Sighting's Are Back! Fenway Park "A Tuna Fun"

This Sandy sighting comes from Jack- a transplant from ATL via Alabama who moved to Boston 2 years ago to join a Tech Company with hopes of showing his parents a return on their college investment. The term "Sandy Drawers" did not translate to his southern roots, but the lifestyle did. He has enjoyed catching fish on Cape Cod, evacuating the office on Fridays to get to the beach, and I am pretty sure we have heard him say "Wicked...Y'all"(almost there). 

Cheers Jack- we are happy to have you and thanks for sending us the pic!

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Sandy Sighting from where it all began, West Falmouth, MA - Cape Cod

    Sandy Drawers did not begin as an idea for a clothing line, it started as a way of living. It was the goal of creating a lifestyle that embodied all the great things in life. The ability to throw on a impeccably soft shirt and bring back the memories of the long summer days at the beach, playing tennis with your friends, fishing off jetties or on your buddies boat, bonfires on the beach sharing all the adventures of the perfect summer day is what Sandy Drawers is all about. The birthplace of the Sandy Drawers concept came in West Falmouth, a beautifully intimate spot on Cape Cod. In West Falmouth the streets are lined with kids going to the beach, tennis lessons, sailing lessons, or the always busy town market to grab a bite of eat. The beach is a mixture of families from all generations, where grandparents are sitting next to their children, who are playing with their grandchildThe waters warmer than a bath by the end of July, everyone is friendly and knows each other by name, and a great day is always capped off by the sun setting over the beautiful ocean. 
   Pat is bummed that he may only make it to West Falmouth for a weekend this summer, but he was very excited to see that the younger generation has taken the beach over and is representing Sandy Drawers all summer long in West Falmouth. Below are some very stunning pictures of Chris George and his friends enjoying everything the summer in West Falmouth has to offer. 

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Sandy Sighting - Palm Springs, California

This Sandy Sighting comes from a gorgeous spring break vacation that our friend Aliza took in Palm Springs, California with her family! We met Aliza down the Cape spending her days on the tennis courts working on her forehand, followed by afternoons at the beach or yacht club soaking up all the sun and fun she can. Thanks Aliza for the great pictures, Keep rocking your Coral Sandy Drawers Hat! 

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Some Spring Cleaning..

We hope that everyone had a fantastic winter! It was a great winter for those who prefer sand to snow. Mild winters keep ones mindset thinking of warm days on the beach.  Lots has happened over the past few months here at Sandy Drawers. Senior year of college was an amazing time for Pat down at Loyola University. He established a great relationship with the Free the Slaves Foundation that is leading the way in advocacy for slave trafficking awareness. He designed shirts for their campaign with the Sandy Drawers logo that helped raise thousands for the cause. Check out their site if you would like to learn more or donate.

With just under a month left of school Pat can be found in class drawing designs of future T-shirts and shorts that will one day be sold for all to enjoy (who ever said senior spring was productive??). Time fly's by and we wish that there was a pause or rewind button so that we could forever be at the beach, on a boat, by the pool, playing with friends and family, but until that is created we will continue to create clothing that will be the epitome of that laid back, everyday weekender lifestyle. We hope that you all have a great spring and plan big things for the summer, we know that we are... Stay Tuned!

This Just in...Limited Edition American Flag Sandy Drawers Beach T!

We are always brainstorming here at Sandy Drawers, trying to come up with creative, fun ideas that we can bring to all of our faithful Everyday Weekenders. That being said, Pat set a summer goal to try and complete the picturesque, yet challenging Falmouth Road Race this  coming weekend. It will be his first time at the cape ALL summer and he cannot be more excited. However, Pat will admit that running is not one of his most favorite hobbies, he hopes daydreaming about the beach day and BBQ after the race will be enough to pull him through the hilly 7 miles. He also came up with a limited edition American Flag Beach T that him and his Sandy Drawers running squad will be wearing. They might not have the best looking strides during the race, but we are confident they will all be looking great in this Limited Edition Beach T. Friday we will upload a picture of the Beach T and make it available to purchase on our website. For now, here is a sneak peak of the T hot off the press.

Sandy Sighting- ICELAND!

 September is here... Labor Day weekend is seen by many Everyday Weekender's as a sad day because it marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. One family decided to end summer with an absolutely amazing adventure to Iceland! Sandy Drawers have made appearances on islands surrounded by sand, but never one covered in ice! Kellie and her dad rocked Sandy Drawers Quarter zips when they visited the "Blue Lagoon" in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a majestic place that is one of the biggest attractions in Iceland. The aqua blue waters are a geothermal spa with steamy waters caused by lava fields. The lagoon is filled with minerals great for peoples skin, has water temperatures reaching 100 degrees, and picturesque surroundings-this laggon might be the most amazing natural hot tubs out there! We are so happy to see Kellie and her family enjoying themselves and we hope that everyone has a great labor day weekend!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Sandy Sighting!- NYC

   Breast Cancer is a terrible disease that is fought by courageous people everyday. October is a special month because it is dedicated to bringing Breast Cancer Awareness. The pink ribbons are all over in order to get support against the fight. Football Players on Sunday have pink accents on their uniforms representing their support for the fight against breast cancer.This past weekend in NYC over 3,500 people got together and raised over $8.4 million dollars at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! We were more than delighted to get a picture from Mike Hubbard and his Mom, Mary Beth-a survivor! who attended the walk rocking a Sandy Drawers hat. The walk looked like it was a blast as spirits were high. Smiles lit New York City streets as everyone was optomistic about winning the hard battle with Breast Cancer. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month we hope this Sandy Sighting encourages everyone to help anyway they can to help find a cure!

Here is the link to Avon Walk for a Cure! Donate or get involved! Crush Cancer!

Sandy Sighting Outer Banks, North Carolina

Accounting. It’s a word that makes some people cringe.  Many have struggled through a mandatory accounting class in school, only to reach the real world and end up paying the big bucks for a certified CPA to do their tedious number crunching. The Sandy Sighting we have today comes from Rachel who looks like your typical everyday weekender looking out at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean from the sandy shores of the Outer Banks. Rachel is pursuing an accounting internship this summer and she tells us the weeks crawl by. She sits at her desk wishing she were out hitting the tennis ball on the court, lounging at the beach with her friends, or back on the Gold Coast of Australia where she recently went abroad. We were more than happy to see that she finally got some time off and enjoyed an amazing week at the beach with her family down at the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  

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Sandy Sightings all over Avalon and Stone Harbor during the 4th of July!

4th of July weekend is marked on everyone's calendars because it epitomizes the perfect summer weekend. What is better than gathering with friends and family to enjoy a weekend filled with excellent food at cookouts, tons of fun in the sun, topped off by colorful firework displays at night? Not much. In the Northeast many people pack their cars and hit Cape Cod and the Islands to enjoy the weekend. This is what our very own Pat Ginley has done for as long as he can remember, but since he is living in Baltimore this summer, the trek up north was too much. Thankfully he was invited to go to Avalon in the Jersey Shore. Pat was very skeptical of the idea after watching what MTV portrayed the Jersey Shore being like. However, we were glad to hear that he had an amazing time in Avalon and Stone Harbor. He described the 7 mile island as "Perfect. The sand at the beach is so soft and powdery it is like laying on a Tempurpedic mattress. Bikers rule the roads as the streets are lined by people on beach cruisers traveling to and from their favorite beach spots. After the beach the line at the "Avalon Freeze" ice cream parlor is long, but well worth the wait. As the sun sets the salty air turns into delicious smells of BBQ's. The fireworks were amazing and marked the end of the day for some, but the start of the night for many who flocked to the very fun open air bars. Hands down one of the best 4th of July's in a very long time." We are very glad that he enjoyed the weekend and we hope that you all did as well. Here are some pictures of Pat and his friends down the shore. We encourage anyone who has pictures from 4th of July weekend to send them our way at

Sandy Sightings All over the World - Ko Samet, Thailand

Today was a big day for Sandy Drawers. Sandy Drawers has officially circumnavigated the world, from Baltimore, to Europe, and now to Bangkok, Thailand thanks to Ciara. Ciara is a junior at Loyola University in Baltimore MD, but is currently abroad studying in Thailand for 6 months. She took some time off from school and went on the adventure of a lifetime this past weekend. Her Every Day Weekender spirit took her to a gorgeous island in Thailand, Ko Samet. This eastern seaboard island is roughly 5 miles long and nestled in the Gulf of Thailand. The Gulf of Thailand has some of the clearest, majestic, crystal blue waters you will find anywhere in the world. The island has thick jungle, but is lined with soft sand beaches tourist from all over the world flock to. It is believed that pirates buried many treasures on the island and some still remains there to this day. We hope Ciara dug up some buried treasure, but even if she didn't it looks like her time on Ko Samet was a treasure of its own.

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Sandy Sighting- Jones Beach Inlet- Long Island, NY

The Sandy Sighting today comes from Brendan behind the wheel of his boat at Jones Beach Inlet in Long Island, NY. Brendan has helped the Sandy Drawers Brand grow as a sales representative, but took a corporate job this summer in NYC with JP Morgan. His 40-50+ hour work weeks leave him little room to enjoy the simple pleasures of summer, but we are happy to see he can leave his dress suit at home and switch into a bathing suit and Sandy Drawers T on the weekends to unwind after a long week in the office. Looking great as captain of that ship and we hope his internship goes well so that he can land a great job. We know Brendan is on the path to a life in corporate America, but will always have a little everyday weekender mentality. 

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