Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Sandy Sighting!- NYC

   Breast Cancer is a terrible disease that is fought by courageous people everyday. October is a special month because it is dedicated to bringing Breast Cancer Awareness. The pink ribbons are all over in order to get support against the fight. Football Players on Sunday have pink accents on their uniforms representing their support for the fight against breast cancer.This past weekend in NYC over 3,500 people got together and raised over $8.4 million dollars at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! We were more than delighted to get a picture from Mike Hubbard and his Mom, Mary Beth-a survivor! who attended the walk rocking a Sandy Drawers hat. The walk looked like it was a blast as spirits were high. Smiles lit New York City streets as everyone was optomistic about winning the hard battle with Breast Cancer. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month we hope this Sandy Sighting encourages everyone to help anyway they can to help find a cure!

Here is the link to Avon Walk for a Cure! Donate or get involved! Crush Cancer!