Sandy Sighting from where it all began, West Falmouth, MA - Cape Cod

    Sandy Drawers did not begin as an idea for a clothing line, it started as a way of living. It was the goal of creating a lifestyle that embodied all the great things in life. The ability to throw on a impeccably soft shirt and bring back the memories of the long summer days at the beach, playing tennis with your friends, fishing off jetties or on your buddies boat, bonfires on the beach sharing all the adventures of the perfect summer day is what Sandy Drawers is all about. The birthplace of the Sandy Drawers concept came in West Falmouth, a beautifully intimate spot on Cape Cod. In West Falmouth the streets are lined with kids going to the beach, tennis lessons, sailing lessons, or the always busy town market to grab a bite of eat. The beach is a mixture of families from all generations, where grandparents are sitting next to their children, who are playing with their grandchildThe waters warmer than a bath by the end of July, everyone is friendly and knows each other by name, and a great day is always capped off by the sun setting over the beautiful ocean. 
   Pat is bummed that he may only make it to West Falmouth for a weekend this summer, but he was very excited to see that the younger generation has taken the beach over and is representing Sandy Drawers all summer long in West Falmouth. Below are some very stunning pictures of Chris George and his friends enjoying everything the summer in West Falmouth has to offer. 

Keep the pictures and summer memories coming,