Sandy Sighting- ICELAND!

 September is here... Labor Day weekend is seen by many Everyday Weekender's as a sad day because it marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. One family decided to end summer with an absolutely amazing adventure to Iceland! Sandy Drawers have made appearances on islands surrounded by sand, but never one covered in ice! Kellie and her dad rocked Sandy Drawers Quarter zips when they visited the "Blue Lagoon" in Iceland. The Blue Lagoon is a majestic place that is one of the biggest attractions in Iceland. The aqua blue waters are a geothermal spa with steamy waters caused by lava fields. The lagoon is filled with minerals great for peoples skin, has water temperatures reaching 100 degrees, and picturesque surroundings-this laggon might be the most amazing natural hot tubs out there! We are so happy to see Kellie and her family enjoying themselves and we hope that everyone has a great labor day weekend!