Sandy Sighting Outer Banks, North Carolina

Accounting. It’s a word that makes some people cringe.  Many have struggled through a mandatory accounting class in school, only to reach the real world and end up paying the big bucks for a certified CPA to do their tedious number crunching. The Sandy Sighting we have today comes from Rachel who looks like your typical everyday weekender looking out at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean from the sandy shores of the Outer Banks. Rachel is pursuing an accounting internship this summer and she tells us the weeks crawl by. She sits at her desk wishing she were out hitting the tennis ball on the court, lounging at the beach with her friends, or back on the Gold Coast of Australia where she recently went abroad. We were more than happy to see that she finally got some time off and enjoyed an amazing week at the beach with her family down at the Outer Banks, North Carolina.  

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