Some Spring Cleaning..

We hope that everyone had a fantastic winter! It was a great winter for those who prefer sand to snow. Mild winters keep ones mindset thinking of warm days on the beach.  Lots has happened over the past few months here at Sandy Drawers. Senior year of college was an amazing time for Pat down at Loyola University. He established a great relationship with the Free the Slaves Foundation that is leading the way in advocacy for slave trafficking awareness. He designed shirts for their campaign with the Sandy Drawers logo that helped raise thousands for the cause. Check out their site if you would like to learn more or donate.

With just under a month left of school Pat can be found in class drawing designs of future T-shirts and shorts that will one day be sold for all to enjoy (who ever said senior spring was productive??). Time fly's by and we wish that there was a pause or rewind button so that we could forever be at the beach, on a boat, by the pool, playing with friends and family, but until that is created we will continue to create clothing that will be the epitome of that laid back, everyday weekender lifestyle. We hope that you all have a great spring and plan big things for the summer, we know that we are... Stay Tuned!