This Just in...Limited Edition American Flag Sandy Drawers Beach T!

We are always brainstorming here at Sandy Drawers, trying to come up with creative, fun ideas that we can bring to all of our faithful Everyday Weekenders. That being said, Pat set a summer goal to try and complete the picturesque, yet challenging Falmouth Road Race this  coming weekend. It will be his first time at the cape ALL summer and he cannot be more excited. However, Pat will admit that running is not one of his most favorite hobbies, he hopes daydreaming about the beach day and BBQ after the race will be enough to pull him through the hilly 7 miles. He also came up with a limited edition American Flag Beach T that him and his Sandy Drawers running squad will be wearing. They might not have the best looking strides during the race, but we are confident they will all be looking great in this Limited Edition Beach T. Friday we will upload a picture of the Beach T and make it available to purchase on our website. For now, here is a sneak peak of the T hot off the press.